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What great weather we have been having, I have been having to walk Harry on his long walks later in the evening than usual with the heat, he has been struggling a little.
So this evening we decided to walk the mile down to the local village pub, the pub is dog friendly and has such a nice beer garden. We went of for nice glass of chardonnady and Harry had a water - of course !! He was admired by some youngsters in the pub who made much fuss of him- which he throughly enjoyed of course !
We had an able back along the river, such an enjoyable evening and Harry certinaly enjoyed walking later in the evening once it was cooler.
Enjoy the wether but make sure you dont leave your dogs in the car, it scary how quickly they can get too hot in the car, pets at home are having a real push on advertising the fact of sunstroke in cars I just hope no dogs come to any harm in  cars over the hot weather period.

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