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Am off to learn emergency first aid tomorrow, I already have experince working closely with the vets at the Racing Stables I work in as well as my time spent working at the local vets. I just however think that if the worst was to happen whislt caring for your special family members then its important we are prepared. So regular updates on first aid and keeping myself well trained offers you a better service.
Took my own dogs for a 4 mile run on the heath this afternoon, it was baking sunshine and I put my trainers on for probably the first proper run since me finishing the Paris Marathon in April. The terriers all make such good running partners as Dash (as the name would suggest) and cecil are great runners and sprint ahead so make me keep up the pace. However Mumbles who is a little slow and a little heavy boned (we wont say fat !) is great for me as he just wombles along and keeps me steady !
So nice to be out dog walking in this weather.
Have also started the advertising campaign - you will see the flyers around all the dog walking areas and just get in touch if I can give you any help with your fluffy family members.

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