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Spent the morning at the Animal Health Trust charity horse show. It was a great chance for me to be seen out and about as well as advertise my services to the equine world. I am really keen to "sit" more horses as this is where my expertise is. Having ridden since the age of 3 and worked with them proffesionally for the past 10 years, Aimee Poppins has alot to offer horses !

The afternoon was spent very enjoyably at the beach, the boys and one lady enjoyed spending the evening in the surf. It was such a hot day that the dogs just loved cooling down in the sea. I took 2 clients dogs along with my 3 terriers, everyone had the BEST time. We then stopped in at a dog friendly pub and everyone enjoyed a well earned drink and crisps- Smackos for the dogs !

Remember we can offer days at the beach or doggy day care for your animals if you have a long day away planned.

Top Tip -Dont forget the pooh bags on the beach !

Beach Boys

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