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Cant wait the summer holidays are almost upon us. Aimee Poppins is getting very busy with clients new and old being both welcomed into HQ, and looked after in the comfort of there own homes.

There are plenty of things to be out and about with the dogs, but please not matter how quick you think you maybe dont leave them in the car. If you really have to a few things you can do. Park in the shade, drop the windows as low as you can go, fit sun visors all around. Always leave cold water for your dog to drink. We would however never recommed leaving a dog in a car for anytime.

The best idea I have seen in a car, is a full dog grill. over the boot so that you can leave the boot open, this is what we do at Aimee Poppins if I am on my collecting rounds.

Have fun in the sun- Be safe and not sorry.

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