Losing Cecil

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In March this year we lost Cecil, A member of the family for over 12 years and my side kick, he would often come to house sits with me. As my friend and security all 4lbs of him. He was tiny with a huge heart and I miss him each day. 

Mumbles his best friend and partner in crime is grieving, my concern is that it is him next as he has aged in the past month or so. Mumbles is actually 13 and a "good age" for a terrier. However I feel losing a best friend has made him struggle. 

As a dog owner you owe it to them to not be in pain and to do the right thing. However I have struggled with this, was I right - how do I have the right to make a choice as to who lives and dies and when. I think this has been the issue with Mumble bear- he looks sad and I feel he blames me. 

 So my thought it - please dont judge just support and the - well he had a good life doesnt really cut it.

Losing Cecil. Missed each day.

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