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Keeping pets active during Covid -19

(April 30, 2020)

What can I do to keep my dog active?   

It challenging to keep your dog active now we’re all advised to stay at home and avoid others. Here are some tips to try indoors or in a garden, if you have one:

- try playing hide and seek with your dog - hiding treats or toys around the house for them to find

- if you have a garden you can let them out to play, run around, sniff and explore

- teach your dog a new trick or practise training

Agria, the Kennel Club’s pet insurance company, working with Carolyn Menteith, a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor, have developed some guidance of what dog owners can do with their dogs while in self-isolation. This guidance includes how owners can use the opportunity while self-isolating to improve the bond with their dog, such as interactive games owners can play with their dogs. For further information please click the below links.

How can I get help with training my dog during coronavirus?

Some of our Kennel Club trainers and training clubs are running online sessions that you may be able to get involved in. To find a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor click here or to find a Dog Training Club click here.

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