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Can I take my pet to the Groomers or Vets ?

(May 04, 2020)

Is it safe to take my dog to the vets?     

Government advice, regardless of if you are showing symptoms, is to stay at home and avoid others unless absolutely necessary, so if your pet needs vet care during this period, call your vet in the first instance. Don’t leave the house to go to your vet if you are self-isolating.

Can I take my dog to the groomers?

Groomers and their clients should consider whether the necessary human contact and travel are essential or in current circumstances may be delayed to protect public health. However, the Kennel Club appreciates that within some breeds, grooming is seen as a welfare issue and would recommend owners refer to the British Groomers Association for up-to-date information, and to speak to your usual groomer for advice if you can.


Always call your vet and ask for guidance - following this and then if there is a need and you do have to head to the vets, be aware of social distancing as well as being aware that you may need to keep the pet in the car and the vet will pop out to you. 

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