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Keeping Cats Happy Inside

(January 04, 2016)

Aimee Poppins Tips for happy cats 

The more you give your cat to do, the happier she will be inside.

  • Double the space, double the cat's pleasure. If your floor space is limited, you can expand upward with kitty condos or climbing trees. The taller models, especially those with multiple perches, make the most of vertical space and appeal to cats' natural interest in heights.
  • Cats love to sun themselves and enjoy looking outdoors. Install perches or shelves to provide your cat with more windows of opportunity. Bird feeders placed near windows attract a variety of wildlife and engage the interest of indoor cats. Beware, however, of outdoor cats in your neighborhood who might endanger wildlife. If there are marauding felines in your yard, do not feed birds on or near the ground. Use only hanging feeders placed to give wildlife a clear view of their surroundings.
  • When the weather allows, leave windows open so your cat can get fresh air. Make sure that each window is securely screened so that the cat cannot fall or jump. Many cats enjoy chewing on grass and other plants. Garden centers and pet supply stores sell wheat or oat grass seed to be planted in small pots for indoor cats. Make sure the seed has not been treated with chemicals, and remove all potentially toxic plants from your cat's environment.
  • Leave a radio or TV on - Not too loud cats are sensitive, play about with what they like - news, classics and sport are popular. Pop music not so !

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